Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Improvements to Movement Feeds

To avoid unimportant and inaccurate messages being sent to your colleagues and friends we have just introduced two new changes to Footprint Feed's movement messaging system:

  • Location certainty. You can now specify a 'certainty' interval for your location. You can think of this interval as a frame travelling through time. As long as all the locations recorded within that frame are in the same place then we can be pretty certain that you are accurately in that location! Increasing the value of the certainty you can minimize messages that are produced en route to your destination when travelling. You can also reduce the risk that a message will be sent when Google Latitude occasionally places you on the other side of the world!

  • Stricter movement threshold. Under the covers of Footprint Feed we calculate the chance that you have moved based on the accuracy of the location coming in from Google Latitude. We have observed that the accuracy can be a little optimistic. Unfortunately you might have noticed that sometimes movements are triggered when you haven't moved. We have changed our algorithm in such a way that those false positives are much less likely now. 

We hope that these changes improve your experience of the service, as always feedback is more than welcome!

The Footprint Feed Team!


  1. Until Footprint feed stops showing my home location as somewhere in India rather than Melbourne Australia in the RSS feed, then I won't be using it seriously.

    I look forward to this being fixed so I can use FF in anger.

  2. Where are these features? I'm not seeing them on the site.

  3. Same here, no new features can be found in any section of the site.